Posted by: Andrew | January 30, 2017

The State of the World

I’m so shocked and appalled and what’s happening in the world right now. I can’t quiet believe the behaviour of Donald Trump, the ignorance and vindictiveness of his travel ban leaves me speechless. It targets citizens from countries who have rarely, if ever, threatened the USA and is so blunt in it’s approach that millions of innocent people, Muslims, Jains, Bahais, Christians, Yazidis Jews, people of no faith and others will be affected.
I’m also aware that other nations and leaders are behaving appallingly and making the world dangerous and unwelcoming for so many people. Whether it’s the war in Yemen, Syria, the on-going situation in Crimea or other places there are so many hurting people.
But, for me, there’s something deeply troubling about a president of the USA with so much power and influence who can use it in such a crass and hurtful way, that makes his actions unique. Welcoming the stranger, the hurting, the vulnerable is at the heart of the Christian faith (which Donald Trump claims to be) and has also been an integral part of what it means to be American.
I hope my friends of all faith, but especially my Muslim friends at this time know that I value your friendship and the welcome and hospitality you have often shown to me, even at times when you and your communities are under great pressure, and I hope my American friends know that the actions of one president doesn’t change my views of you as good friends.
Being committed to building peace between people of different faiths and cultures is a really exciting challenge, but one which so many people would like to derail. I feel privileged to know that in the midst of the pain and confusion of this latest challenge I will continue to have friends of many different faiths and nationalities, and that we will continue to work together to create a world of bridges, friendship and welcome.


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