Posted by: Andrew | May 7, 2013

Hidden Beauty

Why is it that so much of God’s amazing creation is hidden from view? If we were to only use our eyes and the limits of our bodies we would see beauty and lots of amazing things, which reveal us something of God’s creativity, diversity, care, majesty and power. In Psalm 8 the writer uses the wonder of creation to praise God.

But in recent years technology and science has allowed us to see so much more. Whether it’s under the oceans or in deep caves, or the wonders of the universe which are revealing new things almost daily it seems. Then there’s stuff at the micro, cellular, atomic or sub-atomic level. None of this we could see even a few years or decades ago.

With each new discovery rather than see it as a proof against God, I see it as an insight into a created universe that is so complex and wonderful that we are only now beginning to understand or even see some of it. This is surely a reason to praise God even more. He has created a universe we can never get bored with, however, clever we get.

And just as we have to go on searching to discover more of his universe. So we have to go on searching to discover more of God.

And all this has only been made possible by the inquisitive nature of scientists and engineers and their willingness to keep on experimenting, searching and asking until they find the answers. So I don’t see science and Christianity as being in opposition to one another as science has shown me so much of a universe I believe was created by God. So I want to say a huge ‘Thanks’ to all the scientists whose work has expanded our knowledge of the universe and allowed me to praise God even more.



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