Posted by: Andrew | January 4, 2013

Candle lit vigils

I went to my first candle-lit vigil last night for the woman in India who was gang raped and killed in December. To be honest I mainly went to support a friend who was reading a poem. But it was a good event about 250 people turned up and there were a few speeches and we all held candles (which kept blowing out in the wind!). But I did wonder why we were there? Was it to make us feel good or was there a better purpose? In some ways it did make many of us feel good. Hearing about a terrible incident often leaves us feeling angry and upset but powerless, getting together at least meant we did something. But in the age of instant, global communication it does send a messgae far and wide that even in Birmignham people wanted to speak out against this crime.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and on the day I posted a brief comment on Facebook. All during the day we had congratulatory meesgaes from friends across the world – it was great. Knowing that someone, somewhere cares is a huge encouragement and the hope of the organisres of the vigil was that people in India (perhaps even the victioms friends and family) would hear of what we did and take some small encouragement. And that thought made it worthwhile.


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