Posted by: Andrew | May 21, 2011

Immobility, Pain and Faith 4: Becoming a monk

I’m now on a routine of physio exercises. My physio has given me simple leg raising back stretching exercises that I have to do 3 times a day. Each lots takes about 15 minutes. That’s quite a chunk out of the day, I lie on the carpet stretching various bits of my, not very stretchy body and getting bored. So to help me do each stretch for the right length and to keep me occupied I’ve started saying a 1 sentence prayer with each stretch.

I do 90 stretches each time 3 times a day every day. That’s 270 prayers a day which makes 1890 a week! That, for me, is a lot of prayers. It’s great I’ve got time to pray for anything. No more rushed prayers said guiltily as I’m trying to do something else. My prayer life has a rhythm and structure – it’s almost monastic. I can see how having prayer built-in can become a blessing and not the chore it can seem. Being immobilized has released me into a deeper longer prayer life.

So for now I’m exercising and praying 3 times every day. What I’m not sure is how long this goes on for, and what I’ll do when the physio stops.


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