Posted by: Andrew | May 20, 2011

Fear and the horse drawn cart


I’ve got a lovely N Gauge railway (well I think so) and about 2 years ago I bought some metal kits to add to it. A horse-drawn cart, a lorry and some farm machinery. Having bought these I looked at the kits and thought, they look a bit hard and put them in the cupboard. Every so often I’d get them out and wonder if I could make them, then put them away.

Last week being immobile and bored as the sciatica is still painful, I got them out again and decided to have a go at making them. Turns out they’re quite easy. I’ve made the horse and cart and the lorry and nearly finished the farm machinery.

Two years they sat there whilst I was convinced I couldn’t make them. I wonder what else I’ve put off for years and ought to sort out.


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