Posted by: Andrew | February 11, 2011

Messy Evangelism – part 2

At the church meeting I wrote about in my last blog another reference to messiness came up.

We were thinking about how we tell the story of our faith. Sometimes called giving our testimony, it often focuses on the build up to and the moment of conversion. I was encouraging the group to think about telling people what God had done in their lives since conversion. To share with others the life transforming nature of a relationship with God.

As I was saying this a very wise lady made the point that often we don’t share our faith as one smooth story. But if it is shared in the context of a genuine friendship it comes out in bits and pieces through other conversations. It might not be chronologically correct but each part is told because of its relevance to the conversation, not because we feel now is the time to tell the next instalment.

So perhaps messy evangelism isn’t just about the messiness of response but the messiness of telling. When we talk with friends it can become part of the conversation, not forced but a natural part of our lives that we share honestly and naturally.


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