Posted by: Andrew | February 10, 2011

Messy Evangelism

I was speaking at a church meeting last night on evangelism, and we had a great discussion going. As we were looking at the way people responded to Jesus we noted all the differences. The people who followed, the people who walked away, the peole who changed their minds and the many, many that we simply aren’t told whether they followed him or not.

It all looked rather messy.

We then refelected on how often we want tidy evangelism. We want to take people on a set journey and expect them to have a fairly smooth spiritual journey with just a few blips. Yet the Gospels seem to present us with a very different, uncertain and messy picture.

Perhaps it’s time for us to keep our passion for sharing our faith, but lose our desire to control what the response will look like. Lets allow people to respond in chaotic, unpredicable – human ways. To the ultimate human story of God dealing with his people.


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