Posted by: Andrew | February 10, 2011

Just War?

My lads are into Warhammer 40000. If you have never enjoyed the fun of this it’s a role playing game of vicious alien armies all trying to kill each other using a variety of bizarre and imaginative weapons. In order to play you have to make and paint the models (then read some of the biggest rule books ever written!).

My lad is building an Ork army. Orks are slightly mad troll like creatures with weapons that all look like they’re made of junk and other people’s tank cast offs. So the last few nights we’ve been painting these bizzarre and violent little models. Now perhaps I should be discouraging all this violence and encouraging something more wholesome, but I have to admit that painting these little extremely violent chaps is great fun and when they’re finished they look really good. It’s also a great chance for us to do something togetherĀ  – OK so we sit quietly focussed on getting the detailing right on a huge machine gun – but at least we’re in the same room!

Fantasy war games – total evil or promoting family interaction and creativity?


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